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The Dorado company is a manufacturer of high-quality Exclusion pet food founded in 1991 by expert nutritionist Renato Rossi. Dorado is a family company whose special values are high product quality and transparent, strong, long-term business relations.


Exclusion - Super Premium monoprotein pet food. Italian diets are balanced, contain only natural ingredients and take into account all the needs of the body in various physiological conditions. Exclusion has 2 lines: Exclusion Mediterraneo Noble Grain and Exclusion Monoprotein Vet Diet in wet and dry form.


Exclusion Mediterraneo Noble Grain - the range of physiological monoprotein food is represented by rations for puppies, adults, mature dogs and overweight dogs (small, medium or large breeds) and rations for kittens, adult and sterilized cats. Among the sources of protein, you can choose from beef, veal, chicken, lamb, salmon or tuna. All Exclusion rations are natural and do NOT contain wheat, corn, soy, artificial dyes and preservatives, and have excellent taste qualities. 


Exclusion Monoprotein Vet Diet - balanced veterinary diets, adapted to the special needs of a fragile organism and consisting of ingredients that are maximally digestible. Diets have the simplest and most understandable composition to minimize the risks of intolerance or allergy, and excellent taste.

The line includes 9 dietary rations for dogs and 4 for cats, namely:



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