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The direction of our activity is the supply of veterinary drugs and feed additives for farm animals, poultry, fish, dogs and cats from the world's leading manufacturers. We are a distributor of Zinpro, Kaesler Nutrition, Ew Nutrition, Bioproton and a partner of many other well-known brands.
The company's employees - veterinarians and technologists - are undisputed professionals in their field with many years of experience in agriculture. Animal health, animal nutrition, vaccines and feed additives are just a few of the many issues they can help you address.
Veterinary support includes: going to the farm, assessment and analysis of the situation, laboratory tests of serum of poultry by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).
The Alfa-Vet team is well versed in the properties and benefits of the product and guarantees the quality and timeliness of service.

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