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More than just great taste.

QUATTRO  is a brand that unites our pet friends. It's no secret that the role of pets in the family is becoming more and more important. They became our full-fledged family members, inseparable friends and life partners. It is important for us to ensure the proper health and nutrition of pets. 

The QUATTRO brand is part of one of the largest, most modern and economically successful business groups in Lithuania - KG Group, which has more than 30 years of experience in the food industry, feed and veterinary medicine for farm animals and pets, which allows them to offer premium and super premium quality products. 

Meat is the first and main ingredient in QUATTRO diets, which, in combination with useful fruits, berries, herbs, prebiotics, probiotics, chondroprotectors and other useful natural supplements, perfectly cover the nutritional needs of our pets.

"Freeze-dried raw coated" is an innovative technological solution for coating each croquette with additional meat, which not only gives QUATTRO products an exclusive taste, but also enriches them with naturally preserved nutrients necessary for daily nutrition.

The QUATTRO brand has 2 lines for pets: White Line and Special.

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Special is a line of super premium grain-free animal food. The range includes products for adult dogs, mothers and puppies, juniors, as well as dogs over 10 years old or prone to weight gain. Among the proteins, you can choose the monoprotein of lamb, duck, salmon with krill or white fish, which are most suitable for animals with sensitive digestion and are hypoallergenic. The diet does not contain grains and soy, which are possible allergens, instead, fiber rich sweet potato and beet pulp is used. The unique "Freeze-dried Raw Coated" technology is used, which makes QUATTRO even tastier for the most demanding gourmets.

White Line is a line of gluten-free food for dogs and cats of the super premium class, which has a high content of protein of animal origin,  does not contain wheat, soy and artificial additives. Each croquette is covered with additional meat, which provides a high taste appeal.

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